Colleen Ringrose

Search for all corpses tagged with 'Colleen Ringrose'Colleen is a painter and mixed media artist living in Wilmington, North Carolina. She holds an MFA and MA from John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley California, where she studied with William T. Wiley and Gordon Onslow Ford. She also holds a BA in painting from San Francisco State University, where she studied with Robert Bechtel and Richard McLean.

Colleen works in encaustic and digital copy transfers, focusing on the intersection of pictures of people and text. She favors encaustic paint, and usually paints with a heat gun. Her most recent work is an encaustic painting series entitled Irrefference.

Colleen has had solo shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Wilmington. She has been in numerous national group shows and designed and painted several award winning murals in San Francisco. She has also taught studio art and art history at several colleges in California and North Carolina. Please visit her website:

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