Sam Guin

View all corpses tagged 'Sam Guin'Sam Guin is an award winning artist based in North Carolina offering artistic services ranging from Fine Art and Illustration to Tattooing and Design. He is currently tattooing at Artfuel Inc. in Wilmington, NC.

Sam Guin’s artistic interests began early in his life, constantly drawing and creating he continued to passionately pursue his artistic impulses for most of his life. Although his main influences are drawn heavily from classical art and illustration he has taught himself to work in a variety of styles and enjoys working in an equally varied amount of mediums. Sam began tattooing in 2002 and now tattoos full time at Artfuel Inc. in Wilmington NC alongside artists Sarah Peacock and Josh Payne. In addition to tattooing Sam exhibits and sells his original artwork and accepts commissions on projects ranging from book and CD covers to flyers, logos, and t-shirt designs.

Anyone interested in purchasing original artwork or commissioning Sam for art should contact him via email at Anyone interested in getting tattooed should contact him via phone at Artfuel Inc. (910) 343-5233 or via email at

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